AverCharge C20i charging cart

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AVerCharge C20i

20 Device Intelligent Charging Cart

C20i - 20 Device Smart Charging Cart
Seamless Charging Made Easy

C20i’s new cable management technology and intelligent charging creates more time for teaching and less anxiety over managing devices. It’s customizable, compact, and ready to charge!

Built for 20 Devices

Charge up to 20 Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets up to a 16” screen. C20i can power just about any device.

Headache-free Cabling System

Experience simple device management with less slip-n-slide using C20i’s new and cutting-edge cable technology to secure cords from slipping out of place.

C20i - Headache-free Cabling System

Smooth and Seamless Charging

C20i’s intelligent charging determines the best charge without any programming required. Devices are efficiently charged and protected from any circuit overload.