Aver 300AFHD document camera

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300AFHD High-Definition Mechanical Arm Document Camera

300AFHD Mechanical Arm Document Camera
Now Turbocharged with HDMI Output!

Got HDMI? HDMI Output, Auto Focus and 30fps display make the smallest details sharp and crisp - with AVer's 300AFHD Document Camera. This is the legacy mechanical arm document camera that established AVer's high quality reputation and transformed the learning environment for students and teachers nationwide.

AVer 300AFHD Document Camera

Full 1080p with 5MP Sensor

With the 300AFHD document camera’s full 1080p HDMI output, you are now able to connect your document camera to HDMI displays and upgraded HDMI projectors, allowing you to see the HD image quality you were meant to see.

300AFHD Document Camera full 1080p HDMI output

Quick Auto-Focus & 16x Zoom

The 300AFHD document camera's 5MP, 16x zoom and one-touch auto focus combine to provide unsurpassed image quality with stunning detail in the shortest amount of time.

300AFHD Document Camera Quick Auto-Focus & 16x Zoom

Embedded LED Light Module

Usually when the projector is on, the lights are off. However, since the 300AFHD document camera is connected to a projector, it has a built-in LED light in the camera head to illuminate and display any object under the camera with ease.